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Current: News

umm..so, i got this email today from current.com:

Hey, contingent_reality!

It's 3:22 PM EDT, do you know where your content is?

A post you made on Current has been selected as part of a Current News pod! Tune in to Current TV to see your contribution be featured on Current News. Can't get to a TV? Watch Current News online here: http://current.com/newspod

Check out your contribution here: http://current.com/items/88885741_

yup yup...check my mug out, baby!!! i'm excited. i made a very very valid point. ;c)


 i saw this bike and immediately thought of you. i think you should get it. 

Hello Kitty


if you don't already watch current tv i'll just post things i like and maybe you'll like 'em too. 

check out the florida clerk handing out a beatdown to a robber. dayum!

loss for words

next time someone askes me..."why are you single?" tongues are going to get snipped!


Free Rice

found a nice little website called freerice 
it says that with every correct word you help donate 20 grams of rice to the hungry. 
i mean...even if it is a fake...i dig the game. 

::hot chick voice:: what's your level?


i don't rememeber if i saw this movie or not. 
anywho...this is a reminder to put it in my cue.

  • Black Mama, White Mama (1972) A remake of The Defiant Ones (1958) with Pam Grier and Margaret Markov in the roles originally played by Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis.

    Pam Grier, whom i playfully refer to as Kit every time I mention her, has been in a ton of blaxploitation flicks. (let's just call her the queen)
    I should make it a point to watch a ton of them 

    i get by with a little help...

    Psst...this here journal is "Friends Only" ;c)
    lucky for you...i'm friendly. don't be shy... ask me