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it takes more than a heart beat to get me

7 July
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everything i'm not made me everything i am.
abfab, absolutely fabulous, acoustic guitar, all natural, analyzing, androgyny, ani difranco, april march, art, asexual relationships, asexuality, asexuals, beth orton, big brother, big fish, bjork, bob marley, bongs, bowls, campbell's chicken soup, cecil b demented, che, cheeba, chronic, common, converse, crying, dancing, dead like me, digable planets, doobie, dreaming, drew barrymore, driving, education, eeyore, eryka badu, film, fiona apple, french fries, futurama, ganja, garden state, gavin degraw, gilmore girls, gnarls barkley, goldfrapp, good conversation, guitar, guitars, handsome boy modeling school, herb, hookah, illusions, incubus, indie chicks, intelligent hip hop, j-live, jacob miller, janis joplin, jay-z, jen lekman, jill sobule, jimmy fallon, john lennon, john mayer, kava, kings of convenience, krippy, kt tunstall, laughing, le tigre, lesbians, lost and delirious, malcom x, marijuana, mary jane, masturbation, modest mouse, mojave 3, molly shannon, morcheeba, mos def, movies, music, natural, nellie mckay, nick drake, norah jones, outkast, pete yorn, philosophy, pipes, poe, psychology, purple, rachael cantu, radiohead, randomness, regina spektor, reno 911!, rent, requiem for a dream, rod-1, rufus wainwright, s.k.i.p., sarah mclachlan, sarcasm, singing, six feet under, slc punk, sleeping, smiling, smoking, solilaquists of sound, south park, spirituality, sublime, team dresch, tegan and sara, the beatles, the boondocks, the cranberries, the flaming lips, the l word, the murmurs, the postal service, the roots, the shins, the smurfs, toking, tori amos, tracy morgan, underground hip hop, unity, vegan, vegan chicks, vegan food, volkswagen, vw golf, watching people, weezer, yeah yeah yeahs, ziggy marley